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Star Ball is a space brick-busting game, similar to Ricochet
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Star Ball is a space brick-busting game, similar to Arkanoid or Ricochet.
You pilot a spaceship, that must bounce a ball to destroy bricks, in order to get the ancient artifact Star Ball.

As in thousands of similar games, you control the bat (or spaceship) with the right and left cursor movement keys. Every other action is done pressing the spacebar.

You have to manage to make the ball bounce against your bat, or the bricks, or the upper, right and left wall. If you lose the ball, it will fall to the bottom of the screen and you´ll lose a life.

The bricks you have to destroy have different features. Some can be destroyed with a single hit, some will need more hits. Some of them will release special features that can benefit or damage you, if you catch them with your spaceship. That way, you can have multiple balls, fire balls, you can slow down or speed up the balls, expand or shrink your spaceship, or even add to it lasers or missiles that will be triggered by pressing the spacebar, destroying the bricks.

Don´t worry about the falling rocks, they won´t damage your spaceship.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an addictive free game


  • It´s a clone of thousands of games
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